Contact My Doctors Online

What is this Service?

It is a set of online tools for you to check which service is right for your symptoms, get immediate self-help advice, find out what other services can help you or send an online consultation to your GP practice. It may help manage certain conditions, without the need to attend the surgery in person.

What is an Online Consultation?


This is when you send your practice a completed web form about a condition from the website. The practice then calls you or emails you by the end of the next working day to offer you advice, tell you whether you need an appointment or offer you a prescription.


If my Problem is Urgent will I be able to use this Service

If you have a medically urgent problem we recommend you contact the surgery straight away, ring NHS 111, or dial 999 in the case of an extreme emergency.

Do I have to Pay for this Service

No. This service is completely free for NHS patients.

Why is my GP Practice Offering this Service

This service should improve your access to advice and treatment from your own surgery. It could also avoid the need for you to come in for some conditions.


You can view further FAQs on the eConsult Page